Arncliffe Public School

Loyalty and Truth

Telephone02 9567 5060


We have a wonderful canteen open for lunch and recess every day. The Canteen was recently awarded a Healthy Canteen status. Please note children must order lunch before 9am.

2023 Summer menu now available

Online Ordering

Our canteen uses "My School Connect to provide an online ordering platform. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Visit MySchoolConnect and register as a parent
  2. Setup a child
    Upon first login, setup your child/children
  3. Enter student details
    Don't forget to add in all essential fields; name, school, class and any allergy information
  4. Allow your child to order for themselves
    Setting "yes" here will allow your child to login online and order
  5. Set a daily spend limit
    You can either enter a '$dollar amount' or select 'unlimited'. The daily spend will only apply to your child's account.
  6. Add funds to your account
    Visit the 'Top up and financial history' section to add funds intoy our account by following the steps outlined below

Top Up

  • Select payment type: Bank Account or Credit Card
  • Select a $dollar amount
  • Enter payment details

Auto Top Up

  • Select payment type: Bank Account or Credit Card
  • Add top up parameters: minimum balance & auto top up amount